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Error while adding a new Card

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for Manager for User KanBo 2.2

I see a following error while adding a new card

{"ListId":17,"Position":0,"Name":"card name","ScriptId":null}
Invalid LCID
at KanBo.Core.BoardSettingsDTO.ValidateSettings()
at KanBo.Core.SettingsManager`3.Set(ParentDbType dataObject, SettingsType settings)
at KanBo.Core.SettingsManager`3.Create(ParentDbType dataObject)
at KanBo.Core.CardScriptsSettings.GetScriptId(List list)
at KanBo.Core.Actions.AddCard.Invoke()
at KanBo.Web.KanBoHub.Action(String auth, Int32 actionID, String action, String options)

There is a bug with Board Languages. Here is the Workaround: Go to the Board Settings, change language to English and back to German. Then make a new template of the board. Error will no longer appear.

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