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Why can't I edit Card messages after 5 minutes? Notification is too old to be modified error

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for Manager for User KanBo 2.2

Why can't I edit Card messages after 5 minutes? I get an error that notification that message is too old to be modified.

EditCommentOnCard {"NotificationId":...,"Message":"..."} KanBo Exception: Notification too old to be modified at KanBo.Core.Actions.Comment.ModifiableMessage..ctor(Notification notification) at KanBo.Core.Actions.EditCommentOnCard.Invoke() at KanBo.Web.KanBoHub.Action(String auth, Int32 actionID, String action, String options)

It is not a bug actually. In KanBo you have a very short time to edit your message because in our understanding a posted message will already have a great impact on business decisions (KanBo is an Enterprise App) - changing something later might cause a lot of confusion. What this error message says is that you have been too long in the edit mode and the server did not accept the change because the time window has been closed for change.

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