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Installing KanBo on existing SQL database

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This article describes how to launch KanBo setup while all the previous installation steps are completed: registering and adding the app on SharePoint, registering certificates etc.

1. Make sure that the database is created on your SQL Server and there is a right connection string in KanBo web.config. It should point exactly to this KanBo database.
    <add name="KanBoContentConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=YourSQL; Initial Catalog=KanBo_Content_db; Integrated Security=true; MultipleActiveResultSets=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

2. Run KanBo from your SharePoint site.

Image 6943

3. Choose Cancel when prompted for it.

Image 6944

4. Enter setup when asked to enter it.

Image 6945

5. In Setup, choose Advanced.

Image 6946

6. Select Create content schema and wait for it to finish.

Image 6947

Image 6948

7. Click on the Initialize Content database and wait for it to finish.

Image 6949

Image 6950

8. Click on License ID and wait until it shows your ID. Send it to KanBo reprentative.

Image 6951

9. The representative from KanBo will send you the license key. Add it to web.config in this line and save the config:
   <add key="KanBoLicenseKey" value="" />

10. In setup, click reauthenticate.

Image 6952

11. Once setup is restarted, run the Automatic setup.
You should be given a communicate that KanBo is now usable.

Image 6953

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