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Add KanBo to Microsoft Teams' channel

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While your organization works in Office 365 and take advantage of Microsoft Teams, you can display KanBo Boards in a Team’s channel. In this case, you will see your team's conversation and all the information needed to get your work done from KanBo. 

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It allows Teams users to enter KanBo boards directly from the channel’s tab on Team’s desktop application. 

Adding KanBo to Microsoft Teams is really simply. All users have to do is to create a new Website tab and apply their KanBo tenant’s address there. KanBo tab will appear straight away, allowing users to log into KanBo and then, to start taking a full advantage of Boards and Cards. 

From the KanBo tab, every user will be able to perform actions and profit from all functionalities KanBo offers. 

Highly visual workflow system of KanBo with reassured security of data and centralized management of resources are now accessible almost anywhere you need them, what creates KanBo a true Digital Workplace. 


Adding a KanBo tab into Microsoft Teams 

1. Click on the + button on the top of the channel.

Image 12291

2. Select KanBo.

Image 12294

3. Click on Add.

Image 12293

4. Add KanBo address and press save.

Image 12295

You will be directed to the KanBo Landing Page, containing Board Collections. Your KanBo is ready to go! 

Image 12297

Enter one of Boards. You can now enjoy a full set of highly visual KanBo Board functionalities. 

Image 12298

You are now also able to perform all the Card actions. Collaborate with your co-workers, share information, tasks and documents anywhere!  

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