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Import Trello Boards to KanBo

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If your organization uses Trello and migrates to Office 365, you can take advantage and import all Trello data to KanBo.

By use of a few clicks, the whole Trello Boards' structure will be transferred into KanBo Boards and Cards.

Data import is lossless and complex as every element of Trello Board and Card is transferred directly into a corresponding place in KanBo. All elements of a card will be transferred: Labels, Documents, Users, Comments, Todo items with status, Due Dates, etc.

A Board in Trello is imported into KanBo with all its structure saved.

Image 8099


1. Contact KanBo Support ( for special files needed for this component.

2. Open Extensions folder of KanBo directory and copy:

- KanBo.Templates folder,

- KanBo.TrelloImportPlugin folder,

- KanBo.Templates.dll and KanBo.TrelloImportPlugin.dll there.

Image 8101

3. In KanBo web.config, add and adjust the following entries in <plugins> section.

<plugin alias="trello-import-plugin" name="trello-import-plugin" />

       <plugin alias="templates-plugin" name="templates-plugin" />

Image 8102

4. Open bin folder of KanBo directory and move 2 files there: TrelloNet.dll and RestSharp.dll.

Image 8079

5. Restart your KanBo.

Authorize the component

1. Go to https://{kanboAddr}/plugins/trello-import - adjust the address of your KanBo in the link.

Image 8080

2. Obtain the trello token.

Image 8081

3. Allow our component to use your Trello account.

Image 8082

4. Copy the token.

Image 8083

5. Paste it in the corresponding field.

Image 8084

Create user's mapping and choose boards to import

You can use mappings to map Trello users with existing KanBo users.

1. Use this file to create mappings. In the first column, add Trello login names, in second add KanBo Profile Keys matching your users . 


Image 8086

TIP! You can get the ProfileKeys from KanBo database -> dbo.Users or create them yourself. Here's a tip on how they are constructed.

In KanBo installed on-premise, Profile key is constructed like this:

i:0#.w|Domain\UserName (example: i:0#.w|CONTOSO\ANewman)

In KanBo installed in cloud scenario, Profile key is constructed like this:

i:0#.f|membership|email (example: i:0#.f|membership|

2. Upload the user mapping into the Importer.

Image 8087

3. Select Load Trello Boards.

Image 8088

4. Choose board you want to import.

Image 8089

5. When selected, generate a template.

Image 8090

Import the Trello Board into KanBo

1. Go to https:/KanBoAddress/plugins/templates/uploadTemplate.html (adjust the address first) and start uploading the template you generated in the previous step.

Image 8093

2. You will see the information that the board is being created and if it's created.

Image 8094

3. While it's completed, go into your KanBo and add this board to your Desk.

Image 8096

Image 8097

4. The import has been completed and your Trello Board is now in KanBo.

Image 8098

5. Elements and items from the Trello board will be imported as well: Comments, Todo items, documents.

Image 8100

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