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KanBo Presence Indicator and Typing Indicator

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User's presence indicator

When a group of people works on something collaboratively it is crucial to them to have a complete transparency about the level of comprehending the state of the current status quo by the team. So basically, to find the answer to the question “Who knows how much about what is going on right now?” For example, knowing that a critical participant has not read about a certain development/information might trigger an escalation towards that person in order to get the situation under control. In KanBo you can always see who has read which portion of the Card Activity Stream in real time. This gives the team confidence and saves everyone precious energy by avoiding low quality team synchronisation meetings.

When someone sees an activity, his icon is located on the right side of a message/action. Users who are currently seeing actions with you will be indicated with a blue blinking frame.

Image 8252

User's icons are draggable - you can Drag&Drop them to comment field and mention them in your message. When you hover over a person's icon, you will see the date when this person was last seen on a card. On click on the icon, you will see all actions corresponding to a user, i.e.: MyBoard, Show Profile.

Image 8253

Typing Indicator

When the other user is typing, you will see the following sign next to the Messages box.

Image 8299

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