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KanBo and Microsoft Power Automate integration: Updating the component

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We are constantly adding new features to this integration. You might want to update the Power Automate custom connector to be able to enjoy the new functionalities.

Updating this integration cosists of 2 parts:

1. To make sure you can use the newest version of this integration, make sure that your KanBo is up-to-date.

Follow this procedure to update your KanBo.

Contact KanBo support to receive the newest update package:

2. Make sure you update the Power Automate KanBoOpenApi_Flow.json file.

Contact for the file.

a) Open Power Automate on Office 365

Image 9878

b) Open Custom Connections under Data.

Image 9879

c) Find the connector you are using for KanBo integration and select three dots button under it.

Image 9880

d) Select Update from OpenAPI File.

Image 9881

e) Select the .json file.

Image 9882

f) Make sure to update Client ID and Client secret in the Security tab and select Update Connector button later.

Contact for the client secret.


If there is still a value in Client ID, it means that the update process didn't go properly. Make sure to run the update json's update procedure once again and now the Client ID value will be empty. Fill the fields once again with Refresh URL, Client ID and Client secret.

Image 9897

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