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KanBo and Microsoft Power Automate integration: Installation

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Prepare and upload the certificate to KanBo

1. Create the certificate pair using this guide.

2. Open Azure portal. Make sure your Web App is at least on the Basic plan.

Image 10107

3. Go to TLS/SSL Bindings and go to Private Key Certificates (.pfx) Select Upload certificate.

Image 10108

4. Provide the password and Upload it.

Image 10109

5. Copy the certificate's thumbprint.

Image 10110

6. Open Configuration and add a new Application Setting.

Image 10112

7. The setting's name should be WEBSITE_LOAD_CERTIFICATES. The value should be the Thumbprint of certificate. Save it.


1. Open KanBo web.config. 

- go to

- then go to site -> wwwroot -> web.config and start its edition.

Image 11216

2. Add the following fine before </plugins> section.

<auth.oauth issuer="">
  <cert type="x509-store" 
key="thumbprint" value="" 
valid-only="false" />

<client id="" 
name="" />
    <plugin alias="trigger.worker" />
        <trigger-action.webhook />

Image 11217

3. Paste your information inside sections:

Issuer="" - add a unique name between quotation marks,

value="" - add certificate's thumbprint between quotation marks,

Image 11218

Save the web.config.

4. Go back to KanBo directory and open the Extensions folder.

Make sure to have the following files here:

- KanBo.Oauth.dll

- Trigger.dll

- KanBo.Trigger.Webhook.dll

Image 11219

Add files there if necessary and restart KanBo application.

If anything is missing, contact KanBo support at

Getting the credentials

1. Open the following link in your browser:

Change your-kanbo-url to valid KanBo address.

Change your-issuer-name to name of your issuer from the config.

You should receive an output like this:

Add the following to target KanBo's web.config:
<client id="e2xxxxxxxxxxdf" 

Add the following to Targets array:
      "keys": [
      "urls": {
        "authorization": "",
        "access": "",
        "refresh": ""
      "kanboApi": "",
      "id": "e2xxxxxdf",
      "secret": "mOxxxxx0d"

2. Open web.config and replace the entry (starting from <client id... to name=""/>) with data you received in the output.

Image 11220

3. Send the data under "Add the following to Targets array:" to and kindly wait until they confirm that the entry has been added.

4. Now you can start configuring Power Automate for you using this guide.

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