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Backup Office 365 / Azure KanBo

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Azure backup


We strongly recommend to perform full backup of IIS website and SQL databases before starting to update KanBo parts.

Backup KanBo Azure Website

Firstly, you need to turn off your Azure website with KanBo in order to keep files and databases consistent. Navigate to Web Apps Section in Azure, then select your website and click STOP.

Now click the browse button. Of course, page won't open becouse URL has been modified by us a little bit.

If your URL is, change it to .

Kudu service will be opened.

Navigate to Debug console -> PowerShell -> Site and download entire wwwroot folder.

Backup KanBo Azure Website

Backup KanBo Azure SQL Databases

Select SQL Databases in Azure portal.

Go to your Web.config and search for “KanBoSqlConnectionString” and

“KanBoProfilesConnectionString” and you will find your first two databases needed for backup.

Every Board Collection (SharePoint App Instance) creates a dedicated KanBoContent{GUID} database. Depending on how many Board Collections you have created in your environment, you might want to backup all of them as well.

In the example below there are 4 Board Collections and the 2 databases from the Web.config. In this case you should backup all six databases.

Backup KanBo Azure SQL Databases

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