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Fixing problem with new .NET version on Azure

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Recently Azure started to change the .NET version on App services, which can cause KanBo apps to not load.

To avoid the issue, enter the web.config and change the .NET version.

1. Open

Then open Debug console -> Powershell.

Image 12454

Alternatively, use this way to enter Kudu editor.

2.Open site.

Image 12455

3. Open wwwroot.

Image 12456

4. Edit web.config.

Image 12457

5. Change these lines fromĀ  <system.web> to </system.web> to:

<compilation targetframework="4.8" />
<httpruntime targetframework="4.8" maxrequestlength="25165824" />
<customerrors mode="Off" / >
<identity impersonate="false" />

Image 12459

6. Save the changes.

Image 12458

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