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How to create a X.509 High-Trust Certificate

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How to create a self signed Certificate in IIS

Open IIS, click on your Server on the left side in the menue, double click then "Server Certificates" in the available Features and click on "Create Self-Signed Certificate"

Image 12505

Specify here a friendly Name, like "KanBo-High-Trust-Certificate" as example and choose "Personal" Certificate Store.

Image 12506

The certificate should be available now in IIS Certificates

Image 12507

The Certificate is now availabel and we need to export the Certificate and also the Private Key File.

Right click on the Certificate and then click on View.

Image 12508

Click on Details Tab and then on "Copy to File"

Image 12509

In the next window we have the possibility to choose to export the Certificate or the private Key, we start with 

1. Exporting the Private Key, therefore, please click on "Yes, export the private key"

Image 12510

Next window, please check the settings like below and click next

Image 12515

Please click on Password and choose a Password, type it two times in the correct fields and click next.

Image 12516

Choose a name and directory where you want to save it and click next and then finish - you should get then a confirmation that it was successfull.

Image 12517

2. Now we are going to Export the Certificate

Again right click the Certificate in IIS and click on View.

Image 12508

Click on Copy to File.

Image 12509

and in the next window choose now "No, do not export the private key"

Image 12510

Click Next and choose the format "DER encoded binary X.509"

Click Next and choose a filename and directory where you want to save now the Certificate.

Image 12518

Click Next and Finish. 

You should now have both, the Certificate and also the private key exported.

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