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How to prepare the logo of your organization to brand your KanBo

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The Logo in KanBo consists of 2 Parts

Part One: “K”, which is the part that you see when you minimize the left navigation panel.

Image 12722

Part Two
: “anBo”, which is appended to Part One completing the logo into “KanBo” when you expand the navigation panel.

Image 12723

You can take your logo and cut it into 2 parts that when put together will create your logo but if only the first part is visible then it will also look good and represent your brand or company.

Sizes and Aspect Ratios

Part One:
  • Keep the aspect ratio at 14:15 (we recommend an image with the size of 56px by 60px).
  • Try to make the image fit in a way that makes its last pixel touch the right side
Part Two:
  • The height of the image should be the same as for Part One.
  • The aspect ratio should not exceed 14:3 (for example, if the height of this image is 60px, then the width should not exceed 280px)
  • Do not leave a lot of space on the left and right side of the image as to not off-center the whole logo.
  • Start the image from the first pixel on the left and end it on the last pixel on the right.

Files location

You will find those two parts in the following path of your KanBo installation: /bin/KanBo.Branding
Part One = logo.png
Part Two = title.png
Please remember to keep the PNG file format.


  • After splitting Your logo into two parts, replace those two files in the /bin/KanBo.Branding folder.
  • If the new logo is not present, check again after removing cached images in your browser.
  • We encourage you to use a transparent background for a more pleasing and connected look.
  • Now, your KanBo has your corporate logo. Have a look at Board Background images and colors to customize the look and feel of KanBo even further.


Part One (navigation panel collapsed)

Image 12724

Part One and Two (navigation panel expanded)

Image 12725

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