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KanBo Modern Webpart Installation

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1. Before you start, make sure you have the right permissions to access the SharePoint Admin Center of your Office 365 tenant – to do so try to open this link

2. Locate your KanBo web.config and open it with any text editor.

3. Anywhere in the <plugins> section, add these lines:

< issuer="ISSUER">

<signature algo="hs256" password="PASSWORD"/>

<mapper type="login" roles="external-services"/>


Replace the ISSUER with the issuer name You want to use and replace PASSWORD with a secure password.


< issuer="KanBoWebPart">

<signature algo="hs256" password="Sup3rPa$word"/>

<mapper type="login" roles="external-services"/>


Image 13098

4. Save the web.config

5. Locate the .sppkg package (SharePoint hosted App) you have downloaded from the link we sent you.

Image 13099

6. Change the extension of the file from .sppkg to .zip

7. Open the .zip file, go to the folder named “1c14dbb2-0965-4ae3-98da-6133ccf74bbe” and unpack the “WebPart_1c14dbb2-0965-4ae3-98da-6133ccf74bbe.xml” file to another folder

Image 13100

8. Open the XML file with a file editor

9. We will have to find and change 3 values:

- Search for {kanbo-url} and replace kanbo-url with the URL of Your KanBo, like

Image 13101

- Then search for {password} and replace it with the password You’ve set in the webconfig in step 2

Image 13102

- Lastly, look for {issuer-name} and replace it with the issuer name set in step 2

Image 13103

After all that is done, the exerpt from the .xml file should look like this:

Image 13105

Save the file

10. Replace the old file in the zip with the new file

11. Change the extension back to .sppkg

12. Now we need to add this package as an App for SharePoint. Go to the SharePoint Admin Center by opening this link in the browser you are signed in as SharePoint Admin:

13. Click on “Open” in the Apps section

Image 13106

14. Go to the app catalog

Image 13107

15. Click on “Distribute Apps for Sharepoint”

Image 13108

16. Drag in the .sppkg package into Sharepoint

Image 13110

17. Click on “Deploy”

Image 13111

18. KanBo Modern Webpart is Now Available in your tenant!

Image 13112

You can learn how to use it by reading this article

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