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KanBo Setup

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If you run KanBo the first time, it is necessary to start the KanBo Setup - which will show up when you run KanBo the first time and can be opened also always within KanBo or also by adding "/setup" at the end of your KanBo Url - for example:

First scenario - Installation

Setup appears on the first launch of KanBo after installing it in:

After finishing the KanBo Installation, you will be redirected to the Setup page, where you can choose the "Start simple setup" button.

Image 12697

After clicking on the "Start simple Setup" Button, KanBo Setup will proceed automatically.

Image 12699

Please wait until it is finished - you will be shown then the License ID for your installation, which you will need to request your KanBo License.

Image 12700

Second Scenario - KanBo Config

To enter Setup you must be a Board Collection Manager.

Go to KanBo Settings.

Image 12701

Click on "Go to KanBo Config" and KanBo Setup will be opened.

Image 12702

The setup page will show up where you can choose again the simple setup

Image 12705

Advanced Setup

Within the advanced Setup you are able to configure some things manually, also you can check your license information.

To open the advanced setup, just click on "Show advanced setup"

Image 12703

The advanced setup page will show and you will be able to check on the left side your detailed license information

Image 12704

Click on Exit to return to KanBo Landing Page.

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