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Missing Board and Card Templates in KanBo Version 2.5

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If you do not use Card Templates or Board Templates at all or they do not matter – you can ignore this article and ask for the 2.5 Update. If you are actively using templates, please continue reading.

We have introduced templates in the KanBo Version 2.3 and a lot of customers liked it. Unfortunately, we found out, that Templates were not easily manageable in the way we have constructed them. So, we had to redesign the architecture of KanBo Card and Board Templates. The implementation will take another month and we want to ship the current version 2.5 because it has a lot of great features and we do not want to wait another month.

What to do?

If you are using Board Templates and you depend on this functionality, then you must wait until end of March and then upgrade to KanBo 2.6 because then there will be a Migration Path for Board Templates.

If you are using only Card Templates, you can replace the Card Template functionality by Copy Card functionality. Before we update your KanBo please create a new Lists in all your Boards where you are using card Templates and give it a name Templates or so. Then create One Card per Template and give it a name of Template – by the end of this exercise you should have all your Templates inside of the newly created List. That way you will preserve your work you put into template Creation. Once you have done that please let us know and we will give you an upgrade to version 2.5. Please use the Copy Card function to create new predefined cards.

Once the version 2.6 is ready there will be a way to turn these temporarily created cards in the Template list back to Templates and they will not be visible in the Board anymore and the Card Template Functionality will be back.

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