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Turn on email notifications

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Email notifications

Email notifications require extra configuration activity. Ask your KanBo administrator to turn this feature on.

To turn email notifications on or change intervals between receiving them, follow these steps:

1. Click on your avatar and click on Show Profile to enter your user profile

Specify there your email and save the changes.

Image 3497

2. Click on your profile picture. Select My settings.

Image 3498

3. Enter Notifications section. As you can see Email notifications are now turned off. You can disable them or configure them to appear every 15 minutes, 60 minutes or 24 hours.

Image 6462

4. You can also set the Notifications level here.

For example: if you set to comments only then you will not be notified about i.e. card movements even if you are following a card.

Notification Noise Levels are as it follows:

Everything: At this level everything what is a board or card activity is being shown

Relevant: At this level you will see a mix of most relevant card activities including comments (default)

Comments: At this level the user will only see comments and no other activities / including mentions in notes and todo items. Button Show All will also disappear from notifications stream.

Image 6461

5. From now you will get notified by the email once you receive a new notification and it will remain unread after specified time.

Turn on email notifications on KanBo

Here you might find tips how to turn email notifications on for all/some users directly form the database.

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