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Uninstall KanBo from Office 365

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When your KanBo is installed on your Office 365 environment (Azure + SharePoint) and you would like to re-install it or delete it pernamently, please follow these steps.

Azure part

1. Removing Web App

Removing a Web App.

Enter the Azure Portal and go to the Web Apps section.

Image 2061

Search for your Web App.

When it's found, click on Image 2062next to Web App's name and select Delete. Confirm this action.

Image 2063

2. Removing databases

During the installation process, three KanBo SQL Databases are created: Content, Profiles and Instances databases.

Enter SQL Databases section in Azure.

Image 2064

Enter name of your databases (you can find it for example in connections strings in the web.config).

Click on Image 2066 button next to database's names and click on Delete. Confirm this action.

Image 2065

3. Removing Virtual Machine

In case a Virtual Machine was created on Azure to host KanBo Search component only, you can delete it and all its associated resources.

SharePoint part

1. Removing KanBo from App Catalog in SharePoint

Go to the Office 365 admin center and select SharePoint.

Image 2068

Go to Apps and then to App Catalog.

Image 2069

Click on Distribute Apps for SharePoint.

Image 2070

Select, then click on More menu and select Detele. The will be placed in the Recycle bin.

Image 2071

Click on Settings icon and select Site Contents.

Image 2072

Navigate to the Recycle bin.

Image 2073

Select KanBo and delete it.

Image 2074

KanBo has been deleted. Now navigate to the Second-stage recycle bin. You can find a link to it at the botton of the Recycle bin page.

Image 2075

In the Second-stage recycle bin, select KanBo once again and delete it - this time KanBo will be deleted pernamently.

Image 2076

2. Removing KanBo in the Site Collection in SharePoint

We recommend KanBo to be installed in the individual site collection, not the Root Site Collection with other applications.

In such a scenario, you can delete the entire Site Collection and there would be no need to perform additional steps.

In a second possible situation, KanBo is installed on the Root Site Collection or any other Site collection with other applications and it is impossible to simply remove the Site Collection.

We are introducing the uninstallation steps for these two situations.

Scenario 1: KanBo is added to an individual Site Collection which can be deleted

Go to SharePoint admin center, then to Site Collection section.

Select the Site Collection on which only KanBo is installed and click on Delete.

Image 2077

Scenario 2: KanBo is installed on the Root Site Collection or other important Site Collection which can't be removed

As a first step, please remove the previous registration information.

In order to remove the registration information from the previous installation, enterĀ (please change the YOURTENANTNAME value to your own).

Delete the KanBo using the X button.

Image 2834

Delete KanBo from the Site Collection

Go to the Site Collection where KanBo is installed.

Enter Site Contents in the left pane or in Settings -> Site Contents.

Image 2078

In Site Contents, click on Return to classic SharePoint link.

Image 2079

Click on Image 2081 button in the KanBo tile and select Remove. Wait untill KanBo gets removed.

Image 2080

Go to the Recycle bin. Click on Recycle bin in the left pane or go to Settings -> Recycle bin.

Select KanBo and click on Delete Selection.

Image 2085

KanBo has been deleted. Now navigate to the Second-stage recycle bin. You can find a link to it in the First-stage Recycle bin page.

Image 2086

In the Second-stage recycle bin, select both KanBo items once again and click on Delete selection - this time KanBo will be deleted pernamently.

Image 2088

3. Delete KanBo Security Groups

Go to Settings and choose Site Permissions.

Image 2083

Select all Groups containing KanBo in their name and click on Remove User Permissions.

Image 2084

4. Delete KanBo Subsites

When a Board in KanBo is created, a new sub-site in your Site Collection is being created as well. You need to remove them

Go to Site Settings of a Site Collection where KanBo is installed.

Select Site and Workplaces.

Image 2089

You might see there a list of KanBo sub-sites (named after your Boards in KanBo). Enter one of them.

Image 2090

When you enter one of sub-sites, click on the Gear icon and choose Site Settings.

Image 2091

Confirm this action by clicking Delete.

Image 2092

Please repeat this action for every KanBo sub-site.

After deleting all KanBo sub-sites, please navigate to the main Site Collection, where you have previously added KanBo.

Enter Settings -> Recycle bin.

Image 2093

After navigating to Recyle bin, enter Second-stage recycle bin.

Image 2094

Select all sub-sites and click on"Delete selection".

Image 2095

Every part of KanBo is now removed from Azure and SharePoint. You can re-install KanBo now.

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