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Import Users to KanBo

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There are two methods of adding multiple users to KanBo.

Adding users manually

The first option is clicking on Users section on the KanBo Home.

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Image 6218

Click on +Add user button and selecting users you would like to add.

You can add many users at once. You can also invite external users (with Windows Live ID or from different Office 365 tenant) and then, add them on the Landing Page of KanBo.

After choosing users, click on Add selected.

Image 6219

Importing users to KanBo

1. The second method depends on importing multiple users to KanBo. All those users need to be added to your tenant first.

2. Prepare the .csv file containing user information in one of the following formats. All logins, emails or profile keys with user logins must be written in a single line, separated with commas.

I User logins. Example:,,,,

II User emails. Example:,,,,

III Profile keys "i:0#.f|membership|" + user logins. Example:


3. Please prepare such file in .csv Comma Delimited format in your Excel.

Image 3509

4. Go to the Users section on the Landing page of KanBo.

Image 6221

5. Click on "Add users from file" button and now select your .csv file.

Image 6222

8.Wait a couple of seconds while users are being added.

When all users are added, you will see the following communicate. Now they are added to KanBo and you can proceed with adding them to Boards!

Image 3515

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