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Bringing back the KanBo Outlook App icon on the new Outlook on the web

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While you use Outlook on the web (OWA) and are trying the new (modern) Outlook experience, the KanBo Outlook Add-in won't be visible in the email section as it was in the old Outlook Online experience. 

The icon in the old Outlook experience was located in the place where the arrow is pointing.

Image 7694

The Outlook Add-in might be visible only when you select more (...) button and then, KanBo Outlook Add-in.

Image 7695


To bring back the Outlook Add-in and have it in the same place as in the older Outlook Experience, please do the following.

1.Go to Outlook Settings.

    Image 7688

    2. Now select View all Outlook settings on the bottom.

    Image 7689

    3. In settings, go to Email -> Customise actions.

    Image 7690

    4. In Message surface, select the KanBo Outlook Add-in so it will appear on every message.

    Image 7696

    5. Click Save.

    Image 7692

    6. Now KanBo Outlook Add-in will be visible near actions buttons of every email message.

    Image 7697

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