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Cards are the most basic units of a board. They might represent new software features, story leads, legal cases, things to buy at the store, freelance clients, potential employees, or customer support issues. Drag cards from list to list to indicate progression, status, or what-have-you. You can add people to cards, label them, vote, attach files, start conversations, create task lists, and so on.

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Create a card

To create a new card choose + option from the top of every list. 

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The card will be created in a list where you clicked the + button.

You can select a card template which will be used to create the card's structure.

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Change card title

When you’re viewing a card, click on its name to change it. Click Save to submit changes.

Click Save to submit changes.

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Follow a card

To follow a Card, click on the Follow button in the menu above

To see all your followed cards, enter MyBoard.

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Displayed by

Entering a KanBo card not only displays the current state of all elements and conversations within a certain work context but also shows who is right now with you also on that card. Having a visual confirmation of a colleague being present in the same moment in the same working context with you provides higher level of transparency and confidence that your team is being actively working towards the common goal.

You can check who and when visited a card. Click on a monitor icon on card's users section.

As the monitor icons start flashing and turning to blue, it would mean that other user or users are also displaying the card.

You will now see who visited this card and when or who is currently in the card.

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Followed by

By clicking on an eyes icon, you will see all the people that are reviving notifications by following a card.

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You will see all the followers of this card.

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